Other People’s Dreams

I bumped into a friend’s dad a few days ago, now happily retired and busying himself with model steam trains and building kit cars. It’s always comforting speaking to a friend’s dad – you sort of grew up with them so you feel this closeness and familiarity even if you haven’t seen them for a while. 

He asked – with a wry smile – if I was still enjoying work, clearly ‘rubbing it in’. We got talking and I mentioned how many people are just ‘working’ without purpose and fulfilling other people’s dreams. He remarked, in most cases it’s not even someone else’s dream, it’s more like their desired lifestyle. 

It reminded me also of a discussion at work where people’s happiness and mental health was clearly being (negatively) affected by work. If our work isn’t bringing us closer to the life we want, then there’s something amiss. A lack of purpose from both parties. Too often you hear ‘oh well it pays the bills’ but even then it’s a cop out from finding one’s purpose and the risks that can be taken towards fulfilling that purpose.