Personal Antifragility


This is a curation of insights, stories, patterns and heuristics I’ve discovered so far related to antifragility and how one might become more antifragile.

I first came across the concept via Joseph Campbell when he talked about the ‘insecure way is the secure way’. Ever since hearing this I’ve been fascinated by this concept – which I believe has always existed in our subconscious and even within old stories, until the concept was neatly coined as Antifragility – a term used by Nassim Taleb in his work ‘Antifragility – things that gain from disorder’. Within that work, Taleb elaborates on this concept via stories, anecdotes, mathematics and heuristics. This shared vocabulary helps us talk about this concept.

My aim here is really to continue my interest, follow my curiosity and share along the way whatever I find. I hope to learn more by collating what I stumble across, and then attempting to organise the information (further stories, insights) into some sort of synthesis (tools, patterns and heuristics) which I hope can help us recognise our warped sense of security and instead strive haphazardly and boldly towards a personal antifragility – a worthwhile ambition within a world that has always been, and always will be, uncertain and in constant flux.

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A Summary of Antifragility



  • Summary: Dhandho Investor – The Low Risk Method to High Returns
    Mohnish Pabrai couldn’t figure out how on Earth the Patels – an small immigrant community that only arrived in the US a few decades ago with barely any assets to their name – managed to acquire $40bn worth of American motel and hotel assets. He came to realise that the answer is in their approach: low … Read more
  • Taking risks to advance your cause
    “Seven Years in Tibet” – which I thought was going to be an account of one man’s friendship with the Dalai Lama – actually begins with the lengthy tale (65 chapters!) of Heinrich Harrer trying to escape war imprisonment in India and trekking through Tibet. Only one purpose – to be free – guided his … Read more
  • Capacity for adaptability
    Whilst watching a documentary about reindeer herders in the Siberian Taiga, the narrator said that the nomads have a ‘high capacity for adaptability’. It might just have been a throw-away comment, but it made a lot of sense and I wondered about it afterwards. Was it true? It was more than being adaptable. What was the … Read more

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